Business Profile公司簡介

EFA Packaging is a professional cosmetic packaging supplier, incorporating ?the strong points of professional design, ?innovative research & development, large-scale production and global sales net.


EFA Packaging was founded in 1980, and has remained privately held since its origin. By now, EFA has contained more than 1,000 trained and capable workers, over 40,000㎡ morden workshop and well-equipped supporting facilities, such as high—precision injection machines, EBMs ( extrusion blowing machines), IBM ( injection blowing machine from Germany), ISBM( Injection Stretch Blowing Machine from Japan), automatic spraying lines, vacumm metalization machines, hot stamping machines, silk screen machines, auto/semi-auto assembly lines and lab test instrumens. EFA has gotten ISO 9000:2008 and ISO 14000 certification from SGS and carried on TQM, ERP internal system to meet the full range of client needs,and continuing to improve its overall strength.


E`Fa Packaging is a professional manufacturer in fields of cosmetics packaging including products design, R&D, production, marketing and sales. With development, now our Shanghai branch factory has 15 injection molding machines, 1 Germany injection blowing equipment, 3 assembling lines as well as molding equipment, with estimated annual capacity of 20,000,000pcs. E`Fa is well-equipped with advanced technology and management system. Qualified technicians and management, professional R&D team, self design and development capability makes our products highly competitive. E`Fa always insists principle on quality, development and innovation, strict management, and quest of excellence. We have been committing to providing our customers with better quality and more fashionable products.

MANUFACTURING?Injection molding
Blow molding
UV lacquering
Hot stamp/silk screen printing

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EFA PACKAGING is?ISO 8000 and ISO14001 certified and we ensure high-qualified products are provided to all customers which meet their requirements.

EFA是ISO 8000和ISO14001認證的,我們保證向所有符合其要求的客戶提供高質量的產品。

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